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Want to understand if your business and personal assets are correctly structured? Looking to expand your business and improve cashflow?

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Business Structure

The importance of correct structuring is often misunderstood. A correctly structured business, results in the optimal balance of tax reduction, cashflow and asset protection, minimising any unnecessary personal risk.
CGA Accounting has assisted clients to effectively structure their business to achieve asset protection, cashflow enhancement and tax reduction, maximising effective returns on their business. This is a complex issue and our expert team at CGA Accounting believe in providing the correct advice to you first time, every time.

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CGA Accounting understands that “Cash is King”. CGA Accounting will assist with cashflow management in conjunction with your accounting and tax obligations.

CGA Accounting will ensure you spend less time worrying about your business obligations and more time focused on growing your business. Partnering with you to ensure your success is our passion.

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Find out how you can achieve your financial goals, manage business risks, protect your assets or grow your business.

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Growth within your business

If not carefully managed and provisioned, expansion can result in your obligations not being met, cashflow being stalled and the business failing. CGA Accounting are experts in cashflow management and growth solutions, working with you to achieve your business growth. Whether you are a startup, established or enterprise business, we are able to assist.

Your business can grow through:
  • Effective structure
  • Cashflow Budgets, Management Accounting
  • Tax Planning
  • Establish and plan your finance facilites to support the growth