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Need help with the due diligence for a business acquisition or merger?

Our team has significant experience in assessing the financial position of businesses. Let us help you with your due diligence.

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Due Diligence Accountant

Due diligence for buying a business

At CGA Accounting, we provide accurate and comprehensive due diligence services which enable you to mitigate risks and make informed business decisions.

Conducting due diligence is an important part of best-practice transaction planning. If you are considering investing in, acquiring, or merging with another business, due diligence will give you a detailed financial understanding of that business, allowing you to make informed decisions.

The due diligence process also gives insights on how best to structure the transaction to deliver the best outcome, how to manage risks, and if there are any unrealised opportunities. These elements can impact the final price that you are prepared to pay and the timing of these payments.
At CGA Accounting, we collaborate with you and your team to minimise the occurrence of unwanted surprises once the transaction has been completed. Our hands-on approach to examining potential target acquisitions ensures that risks and issues are clearly identified.

Experience you can count on

Our team are experts at sorting through disorganised or incomplete records and are experienced in helping you through the due diligence process. We communicate our findings in simple terms without using technical jargon.

At CGA Accounting, we don’t just ‘run the numbers’ – we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the target and thoroughly explain the findings to you. We make sure that you have peace of mind that your potential purchase or investment rationale is robust and answers your questions or concerns. With our holistic approach, we provide pragmatic and commercially-driven data and insights from our specialists in tax and financial reporting.

Our Team Are Experts in:

  • NAccounting, BAS, taxation and SMSF
  • NBusiness planning and growth strategies
  • NEffective operating structures
  • NFinancial and cashflow auditing
  • NTax planning and minimisation
  • NOrganising finances to support the growth
  • NAsset protection and depreciation
  • NRetirement planning and transition
  • NBusiness sales, due diligence and exiting
  • NMergers and acquisitions
  • NRestructuring, voluntary administrations, liquidations and bankruptcies