Cashflow, Growth & Wealth Creation

Want to reach your financial potential?

We can help you manage your cashflow to enable financial growth and wealth creation.

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Business Growth and Personal Wealth Creation

Manage Your Cashflow

CGA Accounting understands that “Cash is King”. CGA Accounting will assist with cashflow management in conjunction with your accounting and tax obligations.

If not carefully managed and provisioned, expansion can result in your obligations not being met, cashflow being stalled, and the business failing.

We are experts in cashflow management and we help startups, established and enterprise businesses, partnerships and trusts.

CGA Accounting has assisted many businesses in creating effective plans with cashflow and tax reduction among the optimal outcomes achieved.

Real Financial Growth

Our team will ensure you spend less time worrying about your business obligations and more time focused on growing your business.

Whether you need help in understanding your finances, planning for growth, scaling your business, or ensuring that you have the best business structure for asset protection and tax minimisation.

We can work with you to achieve your business goals and growth targets.

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Find out how you can achieve your financial goals, manage business risks, protect your assets or grow your business.

Wealth Creation

Our team works with you to achieve the optimal cashflow and tax position. We are professionals that specialise in structures, asset protection and tax reduction strategies to achieve the optimal result. We achieve this through our experience in providing expert advice to our clients, researching and developing niche strategies and having a thorough understanding of your requirements.

With effective planning using proven strategies that deliver great financial results, smart execution of tax laws, and monitoring of cashflow, we have helped hundreds of individuals, partnerships and businesses exceed their financial goals. Working with us is as simple as booking a free consultation with our highly experienced team.

Our Team Are Experts in:

  • NAccounting, BAS, taxation and SMSF
  • NBusiness planning and growth strategies
  • NEffective operating structures
  • NFinancial and cashflow auditing
  • NTax planning and minimisation
  • NOrganising finances to support the growth
  • NAsset protection and depreciation
  • NRetirement planning and transition
  • NBusiness sales, due diligence and exiting
  • NMergers and acquisitions