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Whether you need help in turning your business around, or want to scale your business to the next level, we can help you.

Don’t have a business yet, but want to start in the right way, we can help with that too.

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Business Advisory Services

Business Consultants

We believe that your success is our success, so take the time to listen to understand your business and personal goals.

Our business advisors and taxation specialists are focused on helping our clients to grow their businesses by establishing tailor-made business strategies and creating meaningful business plans which are underpinned by evidence-based decision-making.

No matter what your business needs are, we can help. If you need to raise capital, need access to a marketing professional, or need help with human resource issues, we have business contacts that we can connect you with.

Our business and accounting expertise has helped hundreds of businesses across Australia to achieve their financial goals. In addition, we work with our clients to create growth strategies, succession plans, minimise tax and implement wealth creation strategies while protecting their assets.

Having CGA Accounting on your team, your business can grow to the next level using informed decision-making and dedicated business plans and strategies.

Small Business Advisor

Having a sustainable and profitable small business isn’t just about creativity, good customer service and hard work.

Successful and lasting businesses can competently deal with legal and tax obligations, successfully implement cash flow management strategies, react to change and opportunity, apply good business acumen, as well as having effective business structuring and adaptive human resource practices.

Operating successful businesses is about surrounding yourself with a team of experts so you can focus on your core business. CGA Accounting is a leading small business advisory services for small to large businesses in Australia with a great track record of success.

Our experienced professionals understand the different legal structures that Australian businesses operate under and know how to maximise revenue streams and minimise tax obligations. We are experts in business planning and we develop specific plans that you can implement to achieve optimal business and financial outcomes.

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Business Consultant For Startups

Starting a business can be quite an overwhelming process, yet many Australians start new businesses every year. Unfortunately, the reality is that nearly fifty percent of startups close their doors in under three years.

We have all heard the stories of major brands being started in a bedroom or garages. Why did they succeed when so many others failed? The likelihood is many of these owners had business mentors, or they sought out a business advisor and combined this with a lot of hard work, which led to growth and success over time.

We understand that starting a small business is not easy, we have been there too. This is why we have assembled a team of experts with hands-on business knowledge combined with experts in taxation and accountancy to help you. Successful businesses start by building on a solid platform. We assist you with the right legal structures, business planning, cashflow models, and tax minimisation strategies to help you to scale your business at a sustainable pace.

At CGA Accounting, we are one of the best business consultants for startups in Australia, helping hundreds of businesses.

Our Team Are Experts in:

  • NAccounting, BAS, taxation and SMSF
  • NBusiness planning and growth strategies
  • NEffective operating structures
  • NFinancial and cashflow auditing
  • NTax planning and minimisation
  • NOrganising finances to support the growth
  • NAsset protection and depreciation
  • NRetirement planning and transition
  • NBusiness sales, due diligence and exiting
  • NMergers and acquisitions
  • NRestructuring, voluntary administrations, liquidations and bankruptcies